Too much food on TV? Let's ask celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay


Many American households  enjoy watching reality TV shows where there is some sort of competition going on. It’s true. Just look at the variety of TV shows you can watch every week night after/while dinner and before going to bed. We have Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal for the ones who enjoys money and luck, we have American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance for the music fans, and we have The Bachelor for the romantic dramatics.
So there you have it. Some examples of people competing for money, a trophy or a romantic partner. However, my favorite personal would be competing for a title/cash in the food industry. Actually, I don’t even care what the final prize is, the competition is pretty intense. You have to agree with me when I say that the kitchen is the most chaotic place in the house. Fire, heat, precision are the words that describe what goes on in the kitchen when it’s in use. Perfect elements for a competition.
I just finished watching Masterchef a few days ago. Good show. My favorite celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is a judge in that show, accompanied by Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot. Gordon has not only been awarded 12 Michellin stars, but his personality is what makes him a true TV character. He is direct and throws insults to contestants when he has the chance. But he fairly compliments them when he is impressed.

Furthermore, I love food. And competing for preparing the best food is a true challenge. I grew up in a restaurant and the chaos in a house kitchen is really insignificant compared to the one in a restaurant. There is more people involved and all of them have to work in coordination. And I know exactly how a restaurant kitchen goes when there is a small thing going wrong. The kitchen can easily fix the mistake but the difficult part is to recover back to the pace it was running before.  The orders accumulate, the customers are all against you, and there is a lot of input but no output.
Therefore, watching all of these contestants in these TV shows makes me sympathize with them. And I admired them for pursuing a dream in a very challenging yet very rewarding area.
So go ahead and watch some TV where contestants are competing in food challenges. We all eat food and I believe most people love eating it, and because of this fact, I believe these kind of TV shows are true family shows. My sisters and I love food prep competitions and these are the few things we watch together. Even though we grew up in a restaurant, we all enjoy watching it because food is what brings everyone together.

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