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Prime Day 2020

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Best Trampoline Repair Kits - Which one is the best?

Review of the best Trampoline repair kits on the market right now

How to pick the best trampoline repair kits

If you are going to buy a trampoline, then it is very important to have a repair kit on hand. It will be very dangerous for those playing on the trampoline with a tear or rip. It can even cause great bodily harm or death. 

A trampoline without repairs will cause the mat around the hole to fray and get bigger. Then that will make the mat more likely to rip, and then it will become dangerous for anyone jumping on it.

As soon as you have a hole in your trampoline mat, it is important to get it fixed right away otherwise it will continue to get bigger and bigger and it will be more difficult to repair and even costly to get fixed.

See which repair kits are the best for your trampoline.

This Patch Bond trampoline repair kit comes with a large 8×8 inch fabric patch, a 2 once bottle of glue, an application brush and easy to follow instructions.

The fabric patch is large enough for you to cut lots of small patches out of it, making it perfect for a trampoline mat with lots of holes. It’s also diagonally cut and made of trampoline permatron material, so you’ll be patching your holes with a high quality material that matches the mat.

The glue is Formula X Marine Water Proof Glue, which is designed to withstand the stretching and pulling of a trampoline mat when it’s used. The glue is also waterproof, making it perfect for repelling water when it rains and ensuring the patch remains permanently fixed to your trampoline mat.

We’ve found that this trampoline repair kit is particularly robust and the patch holds well to the mat. The only factor to consider is that the patch needs to overlap the mat by 2 inches all the way around, which means an 8×8 inch patch might not be enough if your trampoline has a hole larger than 6 inches.

Tear Aid Fabric Repair Kit Review

Tear aid is a fantastic alternative to a fabric and glue kit. The patches themselves come with a sticky backing that you can adhere directly onto the hole without sewing, glue or mess. The patches are semi- transparent so you won’t notice it on your trampoline mat, and UV resistant to prevent weathering or yellowing from the outdoor elements.

The kit comes with a number of different sized patches that can be cut to fit any hole. It also comes with easy to follow instructions, reinforcing filaments and 2 alcohol swabs to clean the area before you apply the patch. The patches themselves are made of a tough, elastic, puncture resistant material that will move with your trampoline mat.

Tear Aid Fabric Repair is highly effective in repairing trampoline mats, and we found that they were long lasting and withstood the pressures of jumping for many months after we applied them.

The bonus is that these patches work on a number of different materials, so if you own a trampoline that needs repairing but also go camping, hiking or fishing often, investing in this product could also help you in repairing other tears and holes!

Stormsure Trampoline Repair Kit

Stormsure Trampoline Repair Kit Review

Stormsure are known for their quality, durable products and their trampoline repair kit is no exception.

In this kit you will receive a 15g tube of flexible repair adhesive and 2 TUFF tape repair patches which are 3 inches in diameter.

To use this product, first apply the patch on the underside of the tear, and then apply a generous amount of the adhesive over the hole. Over the next 12 hours, the adhesive will cure over the hole and form a strong, flexible, permanent patch that will prevent any further fraying or tearing.

The Stormsure trampoline repair kit is great quality and super easy to use. We found that the size of the patches were comparatively small though, so this patch is best for mats that have a few small holes rather than a big one.

Stormsure Trampoline Repair Kit

Go ahead and let us know which repair kit you decide to go with to fix your trampoline. Fix that trampoline and get back to having fun today!
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What to do if your dog has slip disk

If you suspect your dog has a slip disk, bring it in to your local emergency vet hospital as soon as possible. Time is of the essence if there is pressure pushing on it's spine. So will your dog recover from slip disk surgery? For dogs that cannot walk, surgery is generally the best option. If a dog still has feeling in his legs and paws, surgery has up to a ninety (90%) percent success rate. Once the sense of deep pain is lost, especially if it has been more than 48 hours (2 days), the odds of recovery decline exponentially. 


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Ring Always Home Cam release date TBA

When will the Ring Always Home Cam be released date
As of now, this is still not yet released, but our guess would be mid 2021. But it is still possible to never be released or only a limited quantity item. 
See the Rimg blog here.
See Amazon's Ring's whole suite of devices here.

Introducing Ring Always Home Cam: One Camera, Every Viewpoint

Something I frequently hear from customers is “I have a few Indoor Cams from Ring, but sometimes I would leave the house and couldn’t remember if I’d left a window open and wished I had a camera there.” Instead of simply encouraging customers to buy more cameras and set them up in more locations around the home, how could we solve this problem with one solution? We wanted to create one camera that could give users the flexibility of every viewpoint they want around the home, while delivering on our founding principles of privacy and security.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the Ring Always Home Cam, a new way to look after the home and provide multiple viewpoints with one device. This autonomous indoor security camera flies your chosen, personalized paths so that you can easily check in on your home for peace of mind—like whether someone left a window open or forgot to turn the stove off.

The Ring Always Home Cam also easily integrates with Ring Alarm—our home security system—charting a new path forward not just for how people use security cameras, but also for the benefits of a home alarm system. When Ring Alarm is triggered while in Away Mode, the Always Home Cam will automatically fly a set path to see what’s happening. You can easily stream video while the camera is in-flight via the Ring App, making sure that you’re in the know when it comes to everything happening at home.

But bringing this device to life was no small feat. We knew we had to invent a completely new type of device that was able to move freely throughout the home to give more viewpoint flexibility. To do this, we needed to bring together best-in-class hardware and software technologies to create something no one else had done before and build on a foundation of privacy while moving safely throughout the home.

Designed with Privacy First: Developing a New Age in Whole-Home Security

Privacy and security are foundational to Ring, and underpin every product, feature, and service we develop. We think about privacy holistically—from product features and design, to how a customer ultimately uses that product in their everyday life—and Always Home Cam is no exception.

Always Home Cam was built with privacy top of mind both in the physical design and the way it is used. The device rests in the base and the camera is physically blocked when docked. The camera will only start recording when the device leaves the base and starts flying via one of the preset paths.

We even designed Always Home Cam to hum at a certain volume, so it’s clear the camera is in motion and is recording. This is privacy you can hear.

The set-up process for the Always Home Cam is also key to this foundation of privacy. When you go through the setup process and set your preferred flight paths, you are ensuring that the Always Home Cam will only fly where you want it to go. It cannot be manually controlled, ensuring that it will only record and see what is important to you.

Safety was also a primary consideration when designing the Always Home Cam. Obstacle avoidance technology allows it to avoid unexpected objects as it moves on the pre-set paths, and its small size, lightweight design and shrouded propellers enable it to move safely throughout the home.

The Future of Whole-Home Security is Here

Over the years, cameras have proven to be beneficial and a critical part of any home security system. We want to make it easy for our customers to be in control of their home security while maintaining privacy. Always Home Cam uses unique technologies to do that in a way that has never been done before and is affordable and easy-to-use for our customers.

I believe the Ring Always Home Cam will change how we think about home security and is proof of what can happen when we continue to push boundaries and bring together the best of privacy, innovative technology and design. We first did this with our flagship Video Doorbell, and I’m excited to see what ideas we will bring to life next.

The future is now… enjoy being always home.


If you missed the first airdrop, check back here for when the next airdrop of UNI uniswap token will be airdropped. 

If you need help getting setup to get your UNI airdrop, read here
If you missed the first Uniswap Airdrop, don't worry. We'll run through step by step how to be prepared for the next one. 

1. Go to https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap
2. Connect a compatible wallet
3. Trade some crypto (hold onto some UNI coin)
4. Wait until the next announcement and check for a notification in the upper right hand corner to claim your UNI coin
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You might be thinking, can I still celebrate Halloween this year even though we are in the middle of a Pandemic (Covid 19). So here are some tips to help get you are your kids through this years Halloween celebration. 
(Please follow all local regulations when celebrating Halloween this year.)

1. Zoom party
This years favorite video conferencing website is zoom.com. Set a meeting time with your kids and their friends. Take turns showing off your costumes to some spooky music. Then parents will need to prepare some spooky dishes and finish off with a scary movie. 

2. Prescheduled Destination Trick o Treating
Just how your dentist won't let you into their office without an appointment nowadays, preschedule several friends' and neighbors homes to pass out candy. This may require some scheduling ahead of time, but it can work and you still can keep a safe distance from others. 

3. Mail in Trick O Treat
I can't believe this is an option, but you can send your prepackaged treats ahead of time to all your kids' friends and have them do the same. Use your local delivery service or schedule some time before dark to drop off all the prepackaged candy on or before Halloween. 

4. Party outside outdoors
Depending on your local regulations, you may be able to gather in smaller groups while maintaining social distancing. Make sure all the kids know the social distancing rules. 

5. Make it a movie night
Perhaps you don't feel safe going out this year and you want your kids to stay home. Buy your own Halloween candy and some pumpkin jack-o-lanterns and have a family party with your own kids ar home. Watch a scary movie and play some spooky games to make it a memorable night.  


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