IRONTHREAD: The American Slim Wallet - Made in USA


1. FUNCTIONALITY: CARD + CASH FRIENDLY.  Finding a wallet that can hold a comfortable number of cards AND cash is similar to finding a unicorn. At IRONTHREAD, we took the idea of impossible and made just that; A minimalist wallet that can hold a little or a lot of cash and a decent amount of cards at the same time!
2. MADE FORM THE BEST MATERIALS ON EARTH: No cost are spared when choosing the materials to make IRONTHREAD wallets. We hand picked a HH leather for the high quality, durablilty, yet soft raw leather feel to construct each wallet. To sew it all together we are using a NOMEX thread, the same thread used by race car drivers, first responders, and others who rely on the quality of their uniform. 
3. HAND MADE: Each wallet is hand cut, and sewn with a machine by an individual that takes pride in crafting a great looking wallet that anyone will be proud to own.
4. BESPOKE: 12 DIFFERENT COLOR OPTIONS. Pick your wallet to match your personality. We took a soft, high-quality leather with 3 color options and combined it with 4 different thread color options to allow you to create your personalized ironthread wallet. 
LEATHER COLOR OPTIONS:    Light Brown - Dark Brown - Black  
THREAD OF IRON COLOR OPTIONS:     Red - White - Blue - Orange
5. USA BUILT: Fashion is more than just a look, it is the quality in a product and the impact it has on our society. Every IRONTHREAD wallet purchased makes a direct impact  by creating U.S. jobs by employing highly skilled leather workers in downtown Los Angeles.

6. SOLD DIRECT: Premium wallets with similar quality can range from $88 - $150. Cheap ones are only a few bucks less. At IRONTHREAD, we cut out the middle man and bring you THE AMERICAN slim wallet at half the cost of a department store.

Link here on Kickstarter

The best minimalist wallets ever. Here


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