5 Ideas for Parents Celebrating Halloween during Pandemic Covid 19 on 2020 October 31 for happy kids Trick O Treat

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You might be thinking, can I still celebrate Halloween this year even though we are in the middle of a Pandemic (Covid 19). So here are some tips to help get you are your kids through this years Halloween celebration. 
(Please follow all local regulations when celebrating Halloween this year.)

1. Zoom party
This years favorite video conferencing website is zoom.com. Set a meeting time with your kids and their friends. Take turns showing off your costumes to some spooky music. Then parents will need to prepare some spooky dishes and finish off with a scary movie. 

2. Prescheduled Destination Trick o Treating
Just how your dentist won't let you into their office without an appointment nowadays, preschedule several friends' and neighbors homes to pass out candy. This may require some scheduling ahead of time, but it can work and you still can keep a safe distance from others. 

3. Mail in Trick O Treat
I can't believe this is an option, but you can send your prepackaged treats ahead of time to all your kids' friends and have them do the same. Use your local delivery service or schedule some time before dark to drop off all the prepackaged candy on or before Halloween. 

4. Party outside outdoors
Depending on your local regulations, you may be able to gather in smaller groups while maintaining social distancing. Make sure all the kids know the social distancing rules. 

5. Make it a movie night
Perhaps you don't feel safe going out this year and you want your kids to stay home. Buy your own Halloween candy and some pumpkin jack-o-lanterns and have a family party with your own kids ar home. Watch a scary movie and play some spooky games to make it a memorable night.  

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