Best Healing Foods That Fight Lung Cancer (You are not alone)

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 If you are fighting lung cancer. Keep reading here. Do you have lung cancer? This is a condition that many people develop as a result of uncontrolled cellular growth in their lungs. These are abnormal cells, ones that have been affected through mutations caused by smoking, breathing asbestos fibers, and exposure to radon gas for extended periods of time. This is something that may not show up for many years, even after you have changed jobs or quit smoking as a habit. If you have developed this, there are actually certain foods that you can eat which will potentially help prevent your cancer from getting worse.

How Does Lung Cancer Manifest?

Smoking, radon gas, and asbestos is just the beginning. There has to be a series of mutations within the DNA of your cells. Once this occurs, the mutation will begin to divide, and this is what causes the cancer to spread. It is not known what the catalyst is that causes this to occur. It is only known that exposure to these contaminants is a precursor. Once your cells in your lungs begin to metastasize, you will start to develop tumors. There are treatments such as chemotherapy which can help, but many people have turned to natural foods as a way of achieving some type of relief.

Different Types Of Food That Can Help With Lung Cancer

Those that approach cancer from a holistic approach will often choose methods that involve healing the mind and body. Those that focus on mental strategies will take up meditation, yoga, or develop a positive mental attitude. There is a lack of scientific evidence to show that these mental exercises can be beneficial, but there are studies that have shown that healthy food can actually contribute to helping people with cancer. It can also prevent cancer from happening, which is why so many people should consider changing their diet if they would like to avoid developing lung cancer. Certain foods that you should add to your diet will include leafy green vegetables like kale and collard greens which contain glucosinolates. These are thought to help deactivate cancer cells, preventing the formation of tumors, and can also prevent them from metastasizing. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts are also very helpful. You can also benefit from eating foods high in antioxidants such as blueberries, strawberries and cherries. Brightly colored citrus fruits can also help, along with sweet potatoes and squash. Finally, you need to eat organic meats such as chicken, beef and liver that are very nutritious, along with vitamins and minerals like selenium, vitamin B, and zinc. The combination of all of these foods in your diet can help prevent changes in the DNA structure of your cells, potentially preventing lung cancer from occurring.

If you have a predisposition in your family for developing cancer, it is important to consider changing your diet by following these recommendations. At the very least, you are going to feel better because you are consuming nutritious food. Likewise, you should avoid foods that can cause cancer such as refined oils, refined carbohydrates, and sugar. If you currently do have lung cancer, you can simply change your diet to experience the benefits that these different foods can provide.

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