Bitcoin price prediction after 1st Presidential 2020 debate - Trump or Biden win?

What will happen to the price of bitcoin during this US 2020 presidential election? 

A Trump win will surge the markets in November.
So bitcoin will pump and rise in November of 2020. 

A Biden win would lead to a short term market tank.
Thus Bitcoin would drop drastically. 

If Trump wins the election, markets will continue to surge including the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin will spike in November. 
And continue to climb up in December of 2020. In January 2021 the price of Bitcoin will increase exponentially and we will see Bitcoin hit all time highs by Summer of 2021.  

Summer of 2021 many Alt coins will also blast off due to the steep increase in price of Bitcoin. Many small and retail investors will be pouring money into the crypto market.  Just as everyone enjoys endless gains, by Fall 2021 investors will pull out of crypto and the blood bath will begin. 

So what will you do to secure your bag?
How will you get your pieces in place?
Timing is everything.  

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