Brave Browser Ads Pending Rewards Disappeared - Quick Fix How To get Back your BAT token HELP

Did your Estimated pending rewards from your Brave Browser just disappear? Don't worry. There is a quick fix.

So when you go to your Estimated Pending Reward, and you notice a huge decrease in the amount of BAT reward than you had previously, the fix is easy. Dont worry, you probably did not get hacked for just a few BAT. 

The Brave Browser developers are aware of this BAT issue. All you need to do is take a screen shot first for your own records. Then update your Brave Browser from the app update store. Once you open your Brave Browser again, the BAT reward number should be back to where it was previously. 

What if you make the update, and your BAT rewards are still missing? Don't worry you can still contact Brave customer support and get them to fix your individual account.  Visit https://community.brave.com/ for help with your individual account. 

If you are not yet using the Brave Browser and enjoying faster, more secure and rewarding browser, then download it here to get started. 

Brave Browser is tackling privacy.

Take back your privacy now and get paid as you browse.

Download Brave here at brave.com

Three times faster than Chrome. 

Better privacy by default than Firefox.

Uses 35% less battery on mobile.

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