What is 1inch.exchange? and is it safe to use?

The famous DEX aggregator 1inch will probably be one of the most used project in the crypto community in the coming times. With a solid team behind it, an amazing ease of use, a recent fundraising of almost $3M, there is no doubt that the project that is now considered as a "critical building block" in the DeFi world is doing great and will continue to do so technically speaking.

Make sure to use the correct link. Here is my referral link which will bring you to the correct exchange website. https://1inch.exchange/#/\

Connect your wallet which has a large selection of connected wallets to use:


Did your Estimated pending rewards from your Brave Browser just disappear? Don't worry. There is a quick fix.

So when you go to your Estimated Pending Reward, and you notice a huge decrease in the amount of BAT reward than you had previously, the fix is easy. Dont worry, you probably did not get hacked for just a few BAT. 

The Brave Browser developers are aware of this BAT issue. All you need to do is take a screen shot first for your own records. Then update your Brave Browser from the app update store. Once you open your Brave Browser again, the BAT reward number should be back to where it was previously. 

What if you make the update, and your BAT rewards are still missing? Don't worry you can still contact Brave customer support and get them to fix your individual account.  Visit https://community.brave.com/ for help with your individual account. 

If you are not yet using the Brave Browser and enjoying faster, more secure and rewarding browser, then download it here to get started. 

Brave Browser is tackling privacy.

Take back your privacy now and get paid as you browse.

Download Brave here at brave.com

Three times faster than Chrome. 

Better privacy by default than Firefox.

Uses 35% less battery on mobile.


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 If you have made trades with gains or losses in any crypto exchange, or if you have purchased and sold any crypto, the IRS is going to want a piece of the pie. So get ready to track everything with one seemless account. Thanks to Koinly.io taxes are now EASY!! Sign up for a FREE account here and track up to 10,000 transactions per year. 

Crypto Taxes Fun and FREE with Koinly.io


The Pavlok watch is not waterproof. It is not meant to get wet. A little sweat is probably the most you would want. But even with sweat, you want to clean it away to prevent corrosion. 

Check out our initial review here to see if this watch is the one to kickstart your day and a new habit
You only need to items
1. Old tooth brush
2. Hand sanitizer that contains alcohol. 

Thats it!
Now Brush it for 1 minute and amazingly it will turn back to white again. Good as new!  


How much does it cost to charge a smartphone cell phone for 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day or 1 hour?

We are going to calculate this out based on average low and average high numbers. Your exact amount may vary depending on your electricity cost where you are located and also which phone you are using. 

The quick answer to how much it cost to charge your cellphone per year is 

20 Wh per day x 365 days = 7.3 kWh per year

Low range = $0.12 x 7.3 kWh = $0.88 per year

($0.002 per day or $0.06 per month)

High range = $0.20 x 7.3 kWh = $1.46 per year

($0.004 per day or $0.12 per month)

Your outcomes may vary based on what phone you use, where you are located and how many times you charge your phone per say.


Keep charging your phone, it should only cost you about one dollar per year.

Assumptions made:

Average phone charge 1 time per day, 20 Wh per say per phone


US Energy Information Administration


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