Is the Crypto Fear & Greed Index historically accurate for Bitcoin?


Bitcoin Crypto Fear & Greed Index Accurate 

Trying to time the market? Which way is Bitcoin going? Is Bitcoin going up or down? We will dive into the details of whether or not the Crypto Fear & Greed Index is accurate in predicting Bitcoin prices.

Comparing the Fear & Greed chart to the daily Bitcoin chart, you can see an accurate correlation between price ups and downs versus the fear & greed index.
Fear & Greed Index compared to Bitcoin historical price

Bitcoin price has a strong correlation to the Fear & Greed index and vice versa. 

When fear goes up, meaning the F&G is low, BTC goes down. And when the F&G is high, BTV goes up. Looks like a strong correlation to me. Thats why many technical analysts use the F&G index as one of their tools before making a buy, sell, short, long.


<img src="https://alternative.me/crypto/fear-and-greed-index.png" alt="Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index" />

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