What happens to my crypto assets when I die? How to transfer digital assets to children in a will or trust when you pass on

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How do you leave your digital assets and crypto to your family when you die?

Would you like to ensure your children have access to your digital assets after you die? 
How do you specify this in a will or trust?

Money makes families go crazy. So it's very important that you have written instructions before you pass away to detail how you want your assets allocated. The best methods of leaving your digital assets to your family and loved ones is through a Will or Trust. 

Setup a Trust
Specify line by line
Provide Keys and ledgers and instructions on how to access your digital wallets
A lawyer will help you decide what kind of trust you need and all your assets, both digital and physical will be assigned instructions on how to be handled when you die. 

Write a will
Put crypto on a ledger first. 
Then put instructions in  your will. 
Your will needs to describe how to get access to your crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, etc)

Additional option:
Celsius Network wallet is adding a feature to include your beneficiary. 
So a great reason to get your digital assets on Celcius is to generation prepare your future. Has beneficiary that can be added. Your family would need to provide proof and a death certificate. 

In conclusion, setup a trust or will and make sure that you specify who gets what. Which individual (family and friends) and the exact amount or the exact percentage that will be allocated. 
I believe more and more options will be available in the future, but for now, set your family up to receive your hard earn assets. 

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